I'm not here to be entertaining.
I am here to be entertained.

Ate two cheeseburgers at McDonald’s today. I’d been craving it for over a week now.

Your love is invisible
like a stranger in the night
passing by without detection
had I never felt it before
I’d not have known its presence
Your love is intangible
I’d felt it at the start
but even now, with firm grasp
I cannot seem to hold it,
Or at least,
not as closely anymore
Your love is silent
though I beg to hear its melody
when the tune first hit me
I couldnt help but follow
kept the rhythm so you didnt have to
and now
I’m left without chamber
Your love is empty
I once nestled there, warm
found comfort in your everything
spent nights in reverie
sweet nothings, shared feelings
Now to see your face,
even if so removed,
Makes my chest feel numb
and reminds me
just how alone you’ve made me feel

I call it “I DUN FEEL TOO GEWD.”
That’s my drawing. Maybe I’ll do more or something, fuck off.

You’re quiet
‘cause you know that I’ll talk
You don’t touch me
‘cause you know I’ll hold you
You don’t wait
‘cause you know I’ll follow
You don’t say it
‘cause you know that I will

I’m tired of your expectations
I’m not the girl you think I am
I won’t be there for your every beck and call
I never agreed to be so needless
So don’t treat me like your beast of burden

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My life.
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I need a job. I need to paint my nails. I’m going out of my mind.